The Technology

AirManager combines CCFT (Close Couple Field Technology) for air sterilization and HAF (High Air Flow) for air filtration; these two unique and highly effective technologies together create a very powerful and effective air treatment system.

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Firstly, CCFT electrically generates a non thermal plasma energy field through a series of high voltage coils.  The plasma energy is safely contained within the AirManager unit.  As air flows through the plasma field any micro-organisms present in the atmosphere are completely destroyed at a cellular level.  CCFT is capable of destroying all manner of biological and chemical contaminates through this process known as ´molecular ripping´. The plasma energy is so powerful that it literally shatters the cell walls rendering any viable molecule completely inert and harmless to humans.

Secondly, HAF is a super efficient electrostatically charged filtration media which traps any residual matter exiting the CCFT field.  HAFs unique honeycomb design allows air to flow freely through thousands of tiny channels minimising back pressure down to just 25 Pascals.  And because of this HAF is much more energy efficient than traditional fibre filters.  HAF in conjunction with CCFT is easily capable of arresting particles as small as 0.1µm (1/10,000th of a millimetre).