Pleasure Craft

If you own or operate pleasure craft, the chances are that you and your guests have experienced a range of unpleasant odours, from grey and black water to musty damp smells in cabins and saloons. Odours from these sources – and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as tobacco smoke – can create a very unpleasant environment aboard your vessel, as well as sickness, headaches and allergic reactions if the problem
is not properly addressed.

AirManager sterilizes your onboard atmosphere to clinical standards, reducing odours, allergens and pathogens to virtually undetectable levels. Guests who wish to smoke can do so without affecting the comfort of non-smoking guests. AirManager prevents tobacco particulates from impregnating expensive interior furnishings with stale smoke odours, reducing the need for deep cleaning. It also saves power, actively increases air handlers’ efficiency and cuts maintenance costs.

Our versatile product range means that no matter what size of vessel or type of air handler you are running, we have an AirManager solution that is right for you.

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