AirManager: MicroStorm

It can be a constant battle to keep the air on your boat clean and fresh. Odours from bilge water, tobacco smoke, food preparation and waste,mould, fuel and oil contaminate interiors and seep into fabric and upholstery. Sometimes it seems like you’ll never get rid of them.

The compact, versatile units in the MicroStorm Series from AirManager Marine will solve all your air quality problems.
They reduce odours, kill 99.999% of bacteria, destroy viruses, trap allergens and decrease humidity.

MicroStorm units are simple to install and have rotable parts for quick and easy maintenance. Economical to run, they use less energy than a standard household lightbulb.MicroStorm improves guest and crew environments by keeping your vessel’s air free from harmful chemical, biological and particulate hazards.


  • Fresh, clean air for your guests and crew
  • 99.999% of germs eradicated
  • Less on-board illness
  • Surface contamination reduced by up to 40%
  • VOCs, allergens,mildew and mould reduced
  • Increased air handler efficiency means lower costs


Within the HVAC or air handler duct, near a suitable power source.

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