AirManager: Surface

Our surface and sub-surface mounted range of units are ideal for fast and effective remediation of enclosed areas such as cabins, saloons, galleys and bilges. Securely mounted inside a deck head cavity or flush against a bulkhead, these units offer continuous protection and are completely self-sufficient, drawing air through their own high-volume single speed fans.
They are particularly suited to vessels where access to the air handler is difficult and in-line options are limited. Custom finishes are also available upon request.
Replacing the filter media in AirManager surface and sub-surface units is quick, easy and can be carried out by non-specialists. Replacement filters are readily available from AirManager.

MODEL – SM5400

Clean Air Delivery 400m3 Per Hour
Size (mm) H300,W300, D200
Weight (KG) 5.5


Bracketmounted on any surface, near a suitable power
source at least 0.5m below ceiling to promote air flow.

MODEL – SM5600 & SSM5600

Clean Air Delivery Up to 600m3 Per Hour
Size (mm) L660 x 660 D170 (Overall)
Weight (KG) (Chassis 8 ) (Surface Cover 2.2)


Mounted flush against the ceiling (SM5600) or within
the deck head cavity (SSM5600), near a suitable power source

  • Laser cut and fabricated stainless steel chassis
  • Choice of colours for outer surface cover available
  • 2 channel remote control unit optional
  • 110/220v, 50/60Hz Power supply options
  • Power consumption – 25w (SM5400) 35w (SM5600)
  • 2 metre moulded IEC power chord
  • Recommended minimum of 4 air changes per hour
  • HAF filters changed quarterly or as recommended
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