AirManager: Portable

Our portable units are highly mobile and require no installation – simply attach them to a power supply and switch them on. Despite their relatively small size, they have a major effect on air remediation while costing very little to run.

Portable units are perfect for pleasure craft and can be moved between enclosed environments to deal with particular odours, whether from food preparation and waste, grey and black water, drying paint or varnish.They make an excellent, popular stock item for chandlers and brokers.

Replacing the filter media in AirManager portable units is quick, easy and canbe carried out by non-specialists. Replacement filters are readily available from AirManager.

MODEL – P3200

Clean Air Delivery 200m3 Per Hour
Size (mm) H300,W280, D200
Weight (KG) 3.9
Power Consumption (Watts) 15

MODEL – P3400

Clean Air Delivery 400m3 Per Hour
Size (mm) H300,W300, D200
Weight (KG) 5.1
Power Consumption (Watts) 25
  • Laser cut and fabricated in stainless steel
  • Powder coated in white, other colours optional
  • Remote control option
  • Illuminated ON/OFF power switch
  • Surface mounted brackets available (P3400)
  • 110/220v, 50/60Hz Power supply options
  • 2 metre moulded IEC power chord
  • Recommended minimum of 4 air changes per hour
  • HAF filters changed quarterly or as recommended


On any horizontal surface, near a suitable power source

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